Julius is buying beverages for brunch he needs to buy a total of 5 gallons of beverages he decides to buy two containers of each of the following beverages 2 pints of milk 2 quarts of orange juice 16 cups of milk 32 oz of lemonade . how many gallons of beverages did he buy

Accepted Solution

This will be calculated as follows:
1 pint=0.125 gallons
1 quart=0.25 gallons
1 cup = 0.0625 gallons
1 oz = 0.0078125 gallons
thus amount of :
milk bought
0.125*2=0.25 gallons

orange juice bought:
0.25*2=0.5 gallons

milk bought:
16*0.0625=1 gallon

lemonade bought:
32*0.0078125=0.25 gallons

Thus total gallons made was:
=2 gallons